Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: How did rice first come to America?


In 1685, a ship was hit by a storm. It had to be fixed before going back to sea. It went to a harbor in South Carolina. The people worked hard to fix the ship. The captain was happy. He gave the people a bag of golden seed. The gold seed was rice.

The gold seed was planted near rivers. The dirt and water were just what the gold seed needed. The rice grew well.

So much rice grew that it was sent to other countries. The rice was so fine was named "Carolina Golde."


Draw a picture of a ship. Glue rice on your boat. Write "Carolina Golde" under your picture.


Fold a paper in half. Draw two pictures that tell how rice first came to America.


  • golden
  • storm
  • people
  • planted
  • countries

Click here to play Rice Rampage!
The Milling Process for Rice:
Getting rice from the field to you takes
a few more steps. Click here to see a video & learn more about the rice milling process.
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