1st Grade - Science

LESSON PROBLEM: Can rice plants talk?


Rice plants do not have mouths to speak words but they have other ways to "voice" sounds. As if to wave "hello," their leaves rustle in the wind. Their strong seed heads reach out inviting all to look at them. You can almost hear a rice plant sigh after a nice warm rain shower?

There are some ways that rice plants and people are alike:

People have bodies. Rice plants have bodies called "stalks".

People come in different sizes and so do rice plants.
People have arms that can stretch and reach to the sky . Rice plants have leaves that reach to the sky.
People have skin that holds in all their insides and protects them. Rice plants have a covering that does the same thing.

Rice plants and people are different.

People breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Rice plants do the opposite. Rice plants "breath in" carbon dioxide and "breathe out" oxygen.
Rice plants can make their own food. People cannot make food.


Rice Rubbings

Materials: Charcoal and paper

Spread a thin layer of rice on a table. Place the paper over the top. Gently rub the paper with the charcoal.

Different designs will show depending on how the rice is place on the table.


Draw a picture of yourself next to a rice plant. Give your rice plant a name.

Place a small handful of white rice in a bowl. Squeeze color from a piece of fruit or other plant onto the rice. Add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and stir until all of the rice is colored. Allow the rice to dry on several layers of newspaper. Wash out the bowl and dye another small handful of rice another color. Continue this procedure until you have a variety of colors. When the rice is dry, you're ready to "paint." Draw lines or fill in spaces with glue then sprinkle colored rice onto the wet glue. Shake off the excess rice. Continue painting new lines and spaces with glue, covering each with your colored rice.


  • speak
  • rustle
  • inviting
  • showers
  • voice
  • stalks
  • stretch
  • carbon dioxide

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American Rice:
More than 90% of the rice eaten in the United States is grown by U.S. farmers.
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