Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What animals live on a rice farm?


I live on a rice farm with many kinds of machines and buildings. There are tractors, trucks, combines, silos and barns.

There are rice paddies on the farm. There are lots of rice plants in the rice paddies. Rice plants like to grow in water.

There are frogs, turtles, fish, ducks, goats, horses, cats and dogs. One duck has six little ducklings. One frog has nine little tadpoles. One mare has a little spotted colt with long legs. A cat has nine little black and white kittens. One goat has two little brown and white kids. A dog has six little tan puppies. I like living on a rice farm.


Write the sentences with the correct word.

1. Chicks are __________than the hen.

2. There are _____________ ducks on the rice paddy.

3. A __________ has kids.

4. The cat has _______ little kittens.

5. A puppy is ___________ than a dog.



Fold a paper into four parts.

Draw a cat with three kittens in the first part.
Draw a dog with six puppies in the second part.
Draw a goat with one kid on the third part.
Draw a frog and four tadpoles in the fourth part.


  • farm
  • machines
  • buildings
  • tractors
  • trucks
  • combines
  • silos
  • barns
  • paddies
  • frogs
  • turtle
  • goats

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