Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What are the basic shapes? How do we find super shapes in every day things?


Let's look at some super shapes rice can take!

What shape is this box of rice? A rectangle. Right! A rectangle has four sides. It can stand up or lay down. When all four sides are the same size, the rectangle is called a square!

What else can be shaped like a rectangle or square? How about a rice field?

What about a window? How about a piece of paper. So many many things are in the shape of a rectangle or square!!

A circle is round like these rice cakes. What else takes the shape of a circle? How about a ball or the sun?

A flat circle is called an oval. An oval looks like this:

A rice kernel takes the shape of a tiny oval. A race track is a big oval!

What shape is this? A triangle, right! A triangle has three sides. Can you find the rice in this triangle? This special triangle is called the Food Guide Pyramid.

What else have you seen that is shaped like a triangle? How about this traffic sign? It's a triangle standing on its head!


--- all super shapes rice can take!


Do you remember all the shapes? Draw the shapes you learned about. Color your shapes different colors.


Look at pictures in books and magazines. Find the shapes you know. Can you name all of the shapes?


  • shape
  • super
  • circle
  • rectangle
  • square
  • oval
  • triangle
  • object

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