2nd Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: Economics: What are the ways that rice can be used?


Rice is used in many different ways. We eat it as a grain but it is delicious in many other ways.

Rice can be sold as instant rice, flaked rice or boil-in-a-bag rice. We find it in pudding cups that are sold in grocery stores.

Rice is a food we can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have breakfast cereals that are made from rice. The rice is steamed and toasted to use in these cereals. A coating of sugar or chocolate can be added to the cereal.

Baby foods have rice in them. Rice cereal is a soft food that is one of the first foods given to babies. Babies don't have teeth, so they have to have soft food that doesn't need to be chewed. Rice cereal is easy to digest and swallow. Rice does not cause allergies. It is a very good start in a good diet for a baby.

Soups can also have rice in them. The rice is cooked and then frozen or dried. The rice is then used in many rice-based foods, such as soups.

Even broken rice can be used in foods. We find it in sausage and in pet food. Rice can be made into vinegar.

We eat rice in cakes and noodles. Noodles are made by grinding rice into flour. Rice cakes can be made from flour or from puffed grains of rice.

Rice starch can even be used in make-up as face powder! Rice starch is used in making rice paper. It can be used to stiffen clothes and to make glue.

The rice grain is not the only useful part of the rice plant. The stalks that are left in the ground after harvest are plowed into the field by the rice farmer. The plowed stubbles of stalk help strengthen the soil and feed the next rice crop.

Dry stalks from the rice plant called rice straw can be used to weave baskets, rugs and hats.

The husks of the rice plant are used to make packing materials and bricks.

The rice bran is used for fertilizer, animal foods and for making oils.

As you can see, rice is a very useful plant. It can be used for many things. The entire plant is useful. No part of the rice plant is wasted.


Rice Painting

You will need:


white drawing paper

colored rice

white glue

paper cup



1. With the pencil, draw a simple design on the sheet of paper. (i.e. an apple, a sun etc.)

2. Pour the white glue in the paper cup.

3. Using the paintbrush, fill in the design shape with the glue.

4. Sprinkle the rice on the glue.

5. Let the rice dry.

6. When the painting has dried, tip it over a paper towel to remove the excess rice.

You have now made a beautiful painting using rice.


List and draw pictures of at least five ways that we use rice.


  • steamed
  • toasted
  • frozen
  • dried
  • starch
  • flour
  • strengthen
  • husks

Click here to play Rice Rampage!
Baldo is actually a type of specialty rice grown right here in the U.S. Other types include basmati, jasmine and arborio.
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