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LESSON PROBLEM: What are some words that rhyme with rice?


Rhyming words sound very much alike. They are words that have different beginning letters but they sound alike. Say the words rice and nice. These words begin with different letters but they sound alike. They are rhyming words. Can you think of other words that rhyme with rice?

If we read the story "Chicken Soup with Rice" , we can find plenty of rhyming words. The author Maurice Sendak makes his story sound good by using rhyming words. If he didn't use rhyming in his story we might not remember it as well. Let's look for the rhyming words in his story.

"In January it's so nice while slipping on the sliding ice to sip hot chicken soup with rice". Which words have different beginning letters and sound alike? Nice, ice and rice are the rhyming words.

"In February it will be my snowman's anniversary with cake for him and soup for me! Listen carefully for the rhyming words. They have to sound alike and begin with a different letter to be rhyming words. Do you know the rhyming words in February's poem? Be, anniversary and me are the rhyming words.

"In March the wind blows down the door and spills my soup upon the floor. It laps it up and roars for more." What are the rhyming words for the March poem? Door, floor and more begin with different letters and they sound alike, so they are the rhyming words.

"In April I will go away to far off Spain or old Bombay and dream about hot soup all day." The rhyming words here are away, Bombay and day.

In May I truly think it best to be a robin lightly dressed concocting soup inside my nest." Listen carefully for the rhyming words. They have to sound alike. Robin and best don't sound alike so they aren't rhyming words. The rhyming words are best, dressed, and nest.

" In June I saw a charming group of roses all begin to droop. I pepped them up with chicken soup". June's poem is a funny poem about a boy watering his roses with chicken soup. That's silly! Can you find the rhyming words? They are group, droop and soup.

"In July I'll take a peep into the cool and fishy deep where chicken soup is selling cheap." The rhyming words here are peep, deep and cheap.

"In August it will be so hot I will become a cooking pot cooking soup of course. Why not? Where are the rhyming words in this poem? The words hot, pot and not rhyme. They all sound alike and they begin with different letters.

In September for a while I will ride a crocodile down the chicken soupy Nile." The rhyming words here are while, crocodile and Nile.

In October I'll be the host to Christopher Columbus at his post. I'll serve him chicken soup with toast." This is a fun Columbus Day poem. Can you hear the rhyming words? The rhyming words are host, post and toast.

"In November's gusty gale I will flop my flippy tail and spout hot soup. I'll be a whale." What are the rhyming words for November. They are gale, tail and whale.

In December I will be a baubled, bangled Christmas tree with soup bowls draped all over me". This is a silly little poem. We don't put soup bowls on our Christmas trees. Where are the rhyming words here? Be, tree, and me are the rhyming words in this funny poem.

It is fun to listen for rhyming words in the story "Chicken Soup with Rice". It is a story that makes us feel happy. "Happy once, happy twice, happy chicken soup with rice."


Make your own book of months:

You will need:

13 sheets of paper

3 hole punch



1. Draw a picture of each month on twelve sheets of the paper. Don't forget to draw someone eating chicken soup with rice!

2. Make a title page for your book.

3. Punch holes on the side of your book.

4. Bind the book using the yarn.

You now have a fun book of the twelve months of the year!


Draw a picture for each of the months of the year. Include rice in each of your pictures.


  • rice
  • twice
  • anniversary
  • concocting
  • droop
  • cheap
  • gale
  • baubled
  • bangled

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