2nd Grade - Health

LESSON PROBLEM: Nutrition: Why do we need rice in our diet?


You have a lot to learn. Everyday you learn. It is important that you learn good eating habits because healthy foods give you energy so that you can learn.

We need nutrients in our diet. Nutrients are the substances that we need to give us energy. They help us grow and they keep us healthy. Did you know that some nutrionists believe that you need more than 50 nutrients every day? If you don't get those nutrients, your body won't work as well. How can you keep track of those nutrients?

Sometimes it's confusing to know what a healthy diet is. How much should we eat? What should we eat? The best advice is to follow the Food Guide Pyramid.

The Food Guide Pyramid is a guideline for healthy eating. It helps us to know what to eat and how much we should eat.

The Food Guide Pyramid is divided into groups. We have to eat out of each of these groups every day.

The main groups of the Food Guide Pyramid are the Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta Group, the Fruit Group, the Vegetable Group, the Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group, the Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans and Nuts Group.

The Food Guide Pyramid puts nutrient needs into food choices. If you eat a variety of food and the right amount of food that the Food Guide Pyramid suggests each day, you will get the nutrients that you need.

Each of the groups of the Food Guide Pyramid gives us certain nutrients. Not all of the food in a group are the same. Some foods have more nutients than others. That's why it's important to eat a variety of foods every day.

Some foods do not fit into the main food groups of the Pyramid. These other foods are sweets, fats and oils. They are at the tip of the Pyramid . We should eat them in moderation. That means just a little, not too much.

Rice is a food that we should include in our diet. It is full of nutrients! It is a very healthy food and it is good for us. It is nutritious and it gives us lots of energy. The nutients it has are protein, iron, B vitamins and folic acid. All of these nutients are very good for us.

Rice is in the Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta Group of the Food Guide Pyramid. Each day we should have 6-11 servings of food from this group. We have to eat a half a cup of cooked rice for it to count as one serving. That's not hard to do because rice tastes delicious!

We eat rice in many things. Can you think of any? We find it in cereal, baby food, rice oil, rice starch and rice flour. A fun way to eat rice is in rice cakes and rice cereal bars. They even come in many flavors.

It is important to eat smart. We can be smart by eating the foods that are good for us. Follow the Food Guide Pyramid and eat a variety of foods every day so that you have lots of energy to learn. Don't forget to include rice in your food choices!


Make a Rhythm Band:

You'll Need:

aluminium foil

a small paper roll




1. Wrap the aluminum foil around one end of the paper roll.

2. Fill the roll with the rice (not to the top).

3. Wrap the other end of the roll with aluminum foil.

4. Tape the ends.

You now have a musical instrument.

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Play it with you friends and you have a Rhythm Band!


Where does rice come from?


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American Rice:
More than 90% of the rice eaten in the United States is grown by U.S. farmers.
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