2nd Grade - Health

LESSON PROBLEM: Nutrition: What common plant is rice related to?


Rice is a very important food. This tiny grain gives nourishment to people. It is a very healthy food.

Rice comes from a plant. This plant is related to grass. It is not a water plant but it grows best in water. A rice field with water on it is called a paddy.

Rice is grown in many countries. It is grown in the United States. It is one of this country's important farm crops.

Farming rice started a long time ago, 300 years, in the United States in the state of South Carolina. Today the main states that grow rice in the U.S. are Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and California.

Rice is taken from the field as a whole seed of the rice. The rice grain has many layers. The outside layer is called the husk. The husk is a straw-like covering that protects the grain in the field. The husk cannot be eaten. The next layers are called the bran layers. Each bran layer is very thin. This part is the most nutritious part of the rice. It contains protein and fat, vitamin B and fiber. At the bottom of each grain of rice is the embryo. New plants grow from the embryo, or germ. The inside layer of the rice grain is called the kernel. The kernel contains starch.

So that rice can be eaten, the hull is taken off. Brown rice is left. Brown rice still has its bran layers. White rice is the same as brown rice except the brown bran layers are taken off. Both brown and white rice are good to eat and are good for you. Both brown and white rice can be bought at the grocery store.


Create a Rice Picture:

You will need:

white glue or tacky glue

construction paper



Draw at least three slanting lines on your paper with green crayon. Add 2 leaves in the middle of each line by drawing a thin "V" that is upside down.

Using the glue make a ball at the top of each line on. Fill the ball with glue. Sprinkle the rice on the glue. Let it dry.

You now have a beautiful rice plant picture!

You can add to your picture with green, brown and yellow crayons. You may want to show that your rice plants are growing in water.


Tell in three sentences how rice is grown. Draw a picture to go with each of your sentences.


  • paddy
  • grain
  • kernal
  • husk
  • plant
  • harvested

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The Milling Process for Rice:
Getting rice from the field to you takes
a few more steps. Click here to see a video & learn more about the rice milling process.
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