Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: How does the rice farmer help birds when they fly south in the winter time?


Ice and snow cover much of the United States in Winter. So, many birds must fly south to find food!

Ducks, geese and other birds fly to flooded rice fields. These are in

warm parts of the United States.
The birds eat and rest. The flooded rice fields have rice

left over from harvest. The birds like to eat the rice.

They can eat other plants and insects, too.

The birds help the rice farmer. They clean his fields. They help keep weeds and bugs out of the rice field.

The rice farmer helps the birds, too. He gives them a home during the winter months.


Draw a picture of a bird in a rice field.


Fold a piece of paper so that you have 4 spaces. Draw one thing in each square that birds get from the rice field.


  • winter
  • harvest
  • flooded
  • cover

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