Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What does the U.S. rice farmer use to grow rice?


Rice farmers in the United States use many tractors and trucks to grow rice. Large trucks pull special tools to smooth the soil and make the field flat. Then water will stay in the field. Rice plants grow best in water.

Rice is ready to be cut in the Fall. A special tractor cuts the rice. The rice seeds come off the plant at the same time. The tractor is called a combine.

Large trucks take the rice seeds to a mill. At the mill the rice is cleaned. It is then ready for cooking and eating.


Draw a picture of a rice farm that has a tractor, rice plants and a farmer.


Fold a piece of paper into four parts. Draw something that the rice farmer uses in each part. Write the beginning sound under each picture.


  • tractors
  • trucks
  • field
  • water
  • picked
  • combine
  • cleaned
  • mill

Click here to play Rice Rampage!
Baldo is actually a type of specialty rice grown right here in the U.S. Other types include basmati, jasmine and arborio.
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