2nd Grade - Science

LESSON PROBLEM: Biology: What is rice?


Rice is one of our most important foods. It is a food that feeds many people.

Rice is a plant. It is a type of grass. Rice is a cereal crop. Other cereal crops are oats, barley, rye and wheat.

We eat the seeds of the rice plant. We don't eat the whole plant. We eat the seeds of the corn plant. We eat many kinds of seeds. The seeds of the rice plant are good for us. Rice tastes good.

Rice is not a water plant. But it likes to grow in water.

Rice grows in many different places. It can be found in mountains, in marshes and near river valleys.

Rice grows in paddies. A paddy is a flooded field. Rice needs to have plenty of water to grow. The word "paddy" means "rice growing in deep water".

The best place to grow rice is where it is warm and wet. The rice plants grow the fastest in areas like this. The plants grow as fast as they can, so that they can keep their leaves above the water.

Rice is a very strong plant. If the plant comes out of the ground, it has special roots higher up on the stem that help it stay alive until it can root again.

The rice plant has a hollow stem like a straw. This straw-like stem lets the plant take nutrients from the water. These stems also send oxygen to the roots.

The stalk of the rice plant has long flat leaves. It also has a head at the top of the plant that sends out lots of little spikes. These spikes carry the rice grains.

The grain of the rice plant has a tough outer husk called a hull. The next layer is a skin of bran. Inside the bran is the starch and the germ. The outer husk and the skin of bran protect the inner starch and germ. A new plant grows from the germ.

We eat many kinds of seeds but one of the most nutritious is rice.


Make a Rice Pencil Holder:

You'll need:


construction paper

juice can


podge glue

paper cup


colored rice


cool glue gun


1. Cut a piece of constuction paper as tall as the juice can and long enough to fit around the can.

2. Lay the construction paper on the newspaper.

3. Pour the podge into the paper cup.

4. Paint a section of the construction paper with the podge.

5. Sprinkle the rice on the glued area.

6. Do not add rice to the ends of the paper.

7. Let the paper dry overnight.

8. Carefully roll the riced paper around the can.

9. Overlap the ends that have no rice glued to them. Glue the ends together using a cool glue gun.

10. Brush podge on the area that has no rice. Sprinkle rice on the glued surface.

11. When the can is dry, paint the rice with podge.

You now have a beautiful rice pencil holder.


Draw four pictures that tell about rice. Write at least one word under each picture to tell about it.


  • cereal
  • plant
  • paddy
  • spikes
  • bran
  • starch

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