2nd Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: Culture: Why is rice a remarkable grain?


Rice is a truly remarkable grain. It is a very healthy food and it gives nourishment to many people all over the world.

Rice is a food that two-thirds of the world's population eats every day. It is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. Another important cereal crop is wheat.

People have been eating rice for a very long time. It's one of our oldest foods. It has been grown and eaten for thousands of years.

Many people grow rice. More than one billion people in the world grow rice. It is a grain that is eaten in almost every country of the world. Rice is grown in the United States, too.

Asia, is where the most rice is eaten. The people there eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people eat more than 400 pounds of rice a year!

Americans eat rice too. It has been grown in this counrty since the seventeenth century and it is one of the major farm products. Most of the rice eaten in the U.S. is grown here. U.S. rice farmers also send rice to more than 100 countries.

There are many kinds of rice. There are more than 7,000 different kinds. Rice comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. Different kinds of rice smell and taste differently.

Some people think that rice is so remarkable and important that they greet each other by saying, "Have you eaten rice today?" This is a common saying in China, where one third of all the world's rice is grown. It is so important in this country that everyone in a Chinese family has their own rice bowl.

In Japan, rice is important also. The word for cooked rice in Japanese is also the same word for meal.

In Madagascar, rice was actually used at one time as money. The people there thought it was very important.

Rice is one of the world's most important grains. It has been a very successful crop for the United States rice farmers. It has been grown in this country for more than 300 years and has been grown in other world countries for thousands of years. It is truly a remarkable grain.


Make Rice Squiggles:

You'll Need:

tacky glue

colored rice (bought at craft stores)

wax paper


paper bag



1. Squeeze a sguiggle design on a sheet of wax paper.

2. With the spoon, slowly and carefully sprinkle the rice on the design. Make sure to cover all the glue.

3. Let the glue dry.

4. When the glue is dry, tilt the wax paper into the paper bag to remove the extra rice . You can save and reuse the rice for other craft projects.

5. Carefully peel away the waxed paper from the hardened rice squiggle.

6. Tie a length of sting into a loop in the squiggle and knot it.

You now have a beautiful rice squiggle that you can hang in a window or on the wall.


Write three paragraphs that tell about rice. Illustrate your paragraphs.


  • remarkable
  • nourishment
  • rice
  • grain
  • important
  • successful

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Anatomy of Rice:
Rice is a seed of cereal (grass) plant used for food. Click here to learn more about the Anatomy of Rice.
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