1st Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: Can you think of pictures that will tell a story about rice?


Pictures can be used for words and phrases to tell a story.

Add (+) the sound "r" to the picture "ice". You get the word "rice". You are right.

You just solved a rebus!

Let's try another one.

Add (+) the picture "tie" to "m" to get "time". Say the word picture out loud with the letter. That's right! Tie + m reads "time".

Now let's try a picture sentence a picture means a word that sounds like another word.

This is a picture of a game board. "Board" sounds like "bored." We will use this picture to mean the word "bored". Let's try it in a sentence.


Read: "I can't go outside, so I am bored."

Let's try one more picture sentence.

The picture stands for the word "rain". Add (+) "y" to rain to get "rainy."
Read: It is a rainy day.

A picture sentence is called a rebus.

Are you ready for a Rice Rebus now? See if you can read it! Here are the pictures and words that go with them:

Rice Rebus

Can you read this Rice Rebus? Read it out loud.

Aren't you clever!


Here is the Rice Rebus if you need it.

One rainy day, Ray Rabbit tells Mother Rabbit, "I'm bored!" Ray Rabbit cannot go outside until the sun comes out. Mother Rabbit says, "Let's cook some rice to pass the time until the sun comes out." Ray Rabbit thinks a hot bowl of rice would be nice. "Okay," he said, "Let's cook some rice!"


Draw or cut out pictures from magazines and make at least 3 rebus sentences.


Make Your Own Rebus Cards!


index file cards
Draw at least ten picture cards.

Write three sentences on a piece of paper including words made from your picture cards. Ask a family member or friend to use the rebus cards to form one or all of your sentences.


  • rebus
  • puzzle
  • story
  • words
  • phrases
  • visual
  • represent

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