3rd Grade - Health

LESSON PROBLEM: Nutrition: Why is rice good for us?


Rice is a very important food. This tiny grain gives nourishment to people. It is a very healthy food.

The Food Guide Pyramid helps us to know what we should eat each day. It is important that we eat foods from the main food groups of the pyramid every day. It's a guide that helps us choose a healthy diet. We have to eat a variety of foods to get the nutrients we need to be healthy. We also have to have the right amount of calories to have a healthy weight. The groups of the Food Guide Pyramid are the Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta Group, the Vegetable Group, the Fruit Group, the Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group, the Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry beans, Eggs, and Nuts Group. If we follow the Food Guide Pyramid it will help us eat better every day. It is important to eat only small amounts of sweets, fats and oils. These type of foods go in the tip of the pyramid and make up a very small part of it. No serving size is given to the tip because we are supposed to limit the amount we eat to just a little.

Rice is in the bread and cereal group. We should have 6-11 servings of foods in this group each day. One-half cup of cooked rice or one slice of bread counts as one serving in this group.

Rice can be eaten just as a grain. There are also many other products of rice, such as rice flour, rice cakes, rice cereals, baby foods, rice oil and rice starch.

It is important for us to have rice in our diet because it is a healthy food. Rice gives us the vitamins we need to keep our bodies healthy. It is a food that gives us energy so that we can think, learn and be active. Rice is also very good for us because it is low in calories and has no fat.

Rice is a very important food crop. It is nutritious and healthy and it provides us with lots of energy.


Create a Rice Picture:

You will need:

white glue or tacky glue

construction paper

rainbow colored rice (purchased at craft stores)


Using the glue, make a design on the paper. Sprinkle the rice on the glue. Let dry.

You now have a beautiful rainbow colored picture!


Use the Food Guide Pyramid to help you create a list of good foods to eat for one day. Don't forget to include rice on your list. Draw pictures to go with your list.


  • grain
  • vitamins
  • nutritious
  • healthy
  • energy

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American Rice:
More than 90% of the rice eaten in the United States is grown by U.S. farmers.
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