Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What words sound like "rice?"



Rice Begins With

"Rice" begins with the letter "r" and the "Rr" sound.

Let's have some fun with the "Rr" sound and words that begin with the letter "r"!

Can you think of all the animals you can that begin with the "Rr" sound?

Let's see, there's a "R"abbit. Right!

There's a "R"obin. Right again!

There is a "R"eindeer

and a "R"accoon


Can you think of other animal names that begin with "Rr"?

Tongue Twisters

Let's play another game with "rice". A tongue twister has words with the same sound that is hard to say!

"Rabbits eat rice raw" is a tongue twister.

Rice ripens in rainy weather! Say the sentences fast. It is hard. They twist the tongue!

Can you think other tongue twisters using "rice" and other words that begin with "Rr"?

Rice Ends With

Rice ends with "ice."

Think of words that rhyme with "rice." Play a Letter Swap game!

Start with rice. Change "r" for "d". What do we get?

Dice! That is right!

Change the "R" in rice for "SL." What did you get?

SLice? Right!

Now change "R" in rice for "Mm". What did you get?

Mice? Right!

Now change the "Rr" in rice for sounds "Pr" and "Sp". What did you get?

Price and Spice. Right!

Rhyme with Rice

Say the sentence with a word that rhymes with rice:

I can add to my rice a little _________________.

Can you use the word "spice?" Yes, you can.

I can add to my rice a little spice.

Let's try another one.

You can eat rice, but you roll the ___________.

What can you roll that rhymes with rice? Dice. Right!

You can eat rice, but you roll the dice.

See how much fun it is to play with the word "rice"!


Fold a paper into four parts. Draw a picture of rice in the center. Draw four pictures that begin with the same sound as rice - Rr.
Have fun!


Make up a tongue twister. Use the "Rr" words you have learned. Say the tongue twister as fast as you can. Say it as many times as you can!


  • capades
  • rice
  • rhymes
  • tongue
  • twister
  • ripen

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