2nd Grade - Science

LESSON PROBLEM: Biology: How do rice farmers grow rice?


Rice is grown in many different countries. It is grown in the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

The best climate for growing rice is where it is warm and where water can be found. In the United States, rice is grown in the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and California.

Many parts of Asia have warm and wet climates. It is one of the many places around the world where rice is grown. Asia is known as the "rice bowl" because it produces so much rice. Ninety percent of the world's rice is grown in the countries that make up Asia.

Most of the rice in the world is grown in specially flooded fields. Flooded fields are known as "paddies". The farmers prepare their fields by building low mud walls around them. The low walls are called levees. They dig channels or ditches to carry water to the paddy fields.

The rice farmers in the United States use technology to prepare the rice fields. Huge machines that are guided by computers and lasers are used to prepare the rice paddies. They use tractors to plow the fields. Diggers are used to dig water channels where pipes are then laid. The rice farmers sow the rice grains by machines. Sometimes, the rice grains are sown from airplanes.

When rice fields are in mountainous areas, the farmers cut terraces into the hillsides so that the soil won't wash away. Then the terraces are flooded with water that is pumped from storage tanks.

Rice often grows in areas where hurricanes happen. Hurricanes can damage rice crops. All farmers have problems with weeds. The flooded rice fields help to keep many kinds of weeds away. Weeds take food and water from the rice plants.

The rice farmer has to work hard to grow a plentiful rice crop.


Make Rice Bags

You will need:



cool glue gun and glue

glitter glue



1. Cut two matching circles out of the felt.

2. Glue around the edge of one circle leaving a little bit of the edge unglued for an opening. Press the matching circle on the glued circle.

3. Spoon the rice into the opening of the glued circles. Fill half full.

4. Glue the opening closed.

5. Decorate the outside of the rice bag with the glitter glue.

Your rice bag can be used as a pincushion, a paperweight or a toy (rice bag toss).


Draw a picture of a rice field. Don't forget to include the water, the rice plants and the trenches that carry rice to the field.


  • climate
  • plant
  • paddy
  • fields
  • crop
  • plentiful

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The Milling Process for Rice:
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