Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What animals live in the rice paddy?


Three little turtles left their home in the rice field to go to sea. When they couldn't agree on what kind of boat to build, each turtle built his own.

The first turtle planned to build his boat of rice straw, while the second turtle chose sticks. They both laughed at the third turtle when they saw him gathering clay bricks.

"Those bricks will sink and you will get all wet!" laughed the two turtles.

When the three turtles were finished they brought their boats to the river to test them.

The straw boat was not strong enough to hold the weight of the heavy turtle and the boat sank to the bottom.

The stick boat was not tied together well and as water seeped in, it sank also.

The third turtle floated happily down the river as the other turtles looked on in surprise.

"I put the bricks on top of a strong log raft," yelled the third turtle to his brothers.


Write a sentence that describes each turtle. Use the following words:

boat builder
Answer the following questions:

1. In the beginning, which turtle(s) seemed to have the worst plan(s)?

2. In the end, which turtle(s) seemed to have the worst plan(s)?


Draw a picture of the turtle's home in the rice paddy.


  • turtle
  • straw
  • rice
  • surprise
  • bricks
  • float

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