Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What does the rice farmer use to get the rice to the mill?


The rice farmer uses many machines to get rice from the farm to the market. There are tractors, trucks and combines.

Tractors get the field ready for planting. Combines are used to harvest the rice.

Trucks carry the rice from the field to the rice mill. The truck carries heavy loads of rice.

Many trucks are used to carry the rice to the mill.

The rice is cleaned at the mill. Once it is cleaned the rice is ready to eat.


Have your parent help you get ready for this experiment.


36" X 12" ramp
ramp stand, such as a chair
old sheet to place on floor
rice for loading
measurement tools, rulers, yardsticks, paper clips, etc.
Set up a ramp to fit a large toy truck.

Think about what will happen when you load the truck with rice.
Send the truck empty down the ramp. Do this several times.

Measure how far it goes each time.

Put one cup of rice in the truck. Think about what will happen. Send the truck down the ramp again.

Measure how far it goes with one cup of rice.
Put two cups of rice in the truck. Think about what will happen now. Send the truck down the ramp again.

Measure how far the truck goes with two cups of rice.
Continue this way with three and four cups of rice. Measure the distance each time your truck goes down the ramp.

Were you right in thinking about what would happen?


Complete the sentence:

I predict that the truck with a heavy load will_________________________.

Draw pictures of the truck and the ramp:

Without the rice
With the rice
Were you surprised by what you observed? Explain.___________________

What caused the truck to move? _____________________________



  • tractor
  • combine
  • truck
  • machines
  • market
  • mill

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