Kindergarten Grade - Social Studies

LESSON PROBLEM: What sound does a duck make in the rice field?


Ducks are birds. Many ducks visit rice fields each year. They make sounds. The sound is called a "quack." Ducks quack when they are happy. They quack to warn other ducks of danger. They quack when they see an enemy. They quack when there is food to eat.

Some people think that ducks make a racket. What do you think? Do you like the way ducks quack?

Many ducks live near rice fields. Ducks also use their bodies to "talk" to each other. A duck sticks out its head when it is mad. Do you think they talk to one another about eating rice? Do you think ducks get louder when there is food to be eaten?


Draw a duck and cut it out.


Fold a paper in half. Draw two pictures:

Draw ducks quacking for rice.
Draw ducks quacking at another duck.
Write the word Quack under each picture.


  • racket
  • sound
  • duckling

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