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LESSON PROBLEM: Data Analysis: What is the outlook for rice worldwide?


Rice is the seed of a cereal grass that is used for food or cooking. This valuable product is traded all over the world.

Trade is when countries buy or sell items with other countries. The global rice trade in 2001 is estimated to be 23.3 million tons. This is an increase of about 1 million tons over the year before. Around the world the production of rice during the years 2000-2001 is projected to be 400.6 million tons. It is estimated that more than 403 million tons will be used. So there will be a loss in the amount of world rice of about 59 million tons. In order to supply the world with rice, countries that produce rice often send it to other countries. They export their rice to other countries. Countries that buy rice from another country, import the rice.

Exporting of Rice for the Year 2000/2001
The term export is defined as carrying or sending an item to some other place. Rice is exported to many countries throughout the world.

United States: 2.9 million tons of rice were exported from the United States in the year 2000. A ton is a large quantity. There are 2,000 pounds in one ton. The United States production of rice was expected to go down to 8.8 million tons due to fewer areas planting rice. Low prices and an abundance of rice have caused farmers to plant less rice. Rough rice exports are expected to be very good, compared to milled and brown rice. The United States is the leading supplier of unhusked paddy rice for the world.

Thailand: Exports in Thailand are expected to increase to 6.6 million tons. This is ten percent more than was expected for the year 2000. Thailand exported a record amount of rice in 1999.

Vietnam: Rice exports in Vietnam are expected to increase to 4.0 million tons. The increase is because of a higher than expected world need in 2001.

China: In 2001, exports to China are expected to increase to 3 million tons. This increase is more than was expected. Rice production in China is expected to decline to 196 million tons. This will be the lowest level for rice production in China in five years.

India and Pakistan: Rice exports are expected to climb in 2001 to 1.8 in India, and 2.0 million tons in Pakistan. It is estimated that India will harvest a record crop of 132.8 million tons in 2000/2001. This is well over the previous year and will result in available rice of more than 17.6 million tons.

Uruguay and Argentina: Rice exports in Uruguay are estimated to increase to 700,000 tons while Argentina's are expected to decrease 350,000 tons. Less rice will be planted in 2000/2001 in response to lower prices for rice around the world.

Rice Imports for the Year 2000/2001
The term import or importing means to bring merchandise into a place or country from another country.

United States: Rice imports by the U.S. are expected to climb to 400,000 tons in 2001. This is an increase of 25,000 tons from the previous year. Jasmine and Basmati rice show the greatest growth, as the consumption of aromatic and specialty rice varieties increases.

Mexico: Mexico is expected to increase rice imports mainly in the form of rough rice. This form of rough rice will be expected to yield 25,000 tons.

Africa: For the year 2001, prices for rice and increase in eating and using rice products will push Africa's rice imports to a high level.

The Middle East: The 2001 rice import for the Middle East is expected to increase because rice production is less for a second year in a row.

Iran's imports are expected to increase 30 percent reaching 1.6 million tons.


Data Collection: Do a study of rice imports and exports. Search the Internet on rice imports or use the websites given. Do a detailed collection of what
countries export rice and who imports rice. Write your results in a two- or three-page essay.


The United States Rice Report: You are a reporter for the United States Rice Report News Team. You will gather data on rice production worldwide.
Use websites such as the Rice Journal and write a detailed report on rice imports and exports in a country or region of your choice.


  • ton
  • rice
  • trade
  • import
  • export
  • commodity
  • consumption
  • forecast

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