1st Grade Health
Pick This, Not That
2nd Grade Health
Nutrition: Why do we need rice in our diet?
Nutrition: What common plant is rice related to?
3rd Grade Health
Nutrition: What food is nutritious and keeps you filled for a long time?
Nutrition: Why is rice good for us?
4th Grade Health
Nutrition: How important is rice to the world?
Nutrition: Have you ever wondered why you run out of steam by the end of the day? What causes this?
5th Grade Health
Nutrition: How is rice a source of energy?
Nutrition: How can you make tasty, nutritious snacks from rice?
6th Grade Health
Nutrition: Which health conditions are helped by eating rice?
Kindergarten Grade Health
There are currently no lesson plans for Kindergarten grade Health
The Milling Process for Rice:
Getting rice from the field to you takes
a few more steps. Click here to see a video & learn more about the rice milling process.
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